Wine Tour of Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre landscape is famously unforgiving for farmers.  That’s what makes it legendary: miles and miles of terraced vineyards rising almost vertically out of the sea.  There’s no mechanization, very little land, and a lot of stone walls to maintain … that’s tough work!  And so it’s no wonder that Cinque Terre wine — as wonderful and complex as it is — is a specialty item, with the best wine labels from here almost impossible to find back home.  That’s why we propose a day exploring the Cinque Terre and its wines in order to get a taste (literally) of this exclusive and highly-rated product from the best local producers.  Our basic itinerary (which can be adjusted to your personal interests) is the following:

Meet up in Vernazza and visit the village
Visit the village
Take the train to Manarola and visit the town
In Manarola, do a full-sensorial wine tasting of 4 local wines with a professional sommelier and learn about the history of winemaking in this area
Take the eco-bus to Volastra, the gorgeous “sixth village” to visit a vineyard with spectacular coastal views
Stop at the cellars of one of the best local vintners for a wine tasting of 3 his unique wines, at least one of which is available exclusively at the cellar
Return by bus back to Manarola

An average tour lasts about 5 and a half hours.  Please get in touch with us for availability and prices.