Study Abroad

Voyager brings fresh, unique study abroad experiences in food science, nutrition, viticulture, and sustainability studies to American university students.  We have worked with various universities in the past, and have ongoing, multi-year relationships with Texas A&M and the University of Minnesota.

Whether you are a student looking for a summer program in Italy, or you are a faculty member searching for a provider to organize a faculty-led tour in Italy, we have different options that may fit your needs.

We specialize in programs for Departments of Food Science, Sustainability, Nutrition, and Viticulture, taking advantage of Italy’s gastronomic offerings and innovative ways of keeping old farming methods and traditional foods alive and well.

Our programs for alumni groups offer personalized attention to detail with competitive prices, combined with our experience and understanding of alumni’s requirements and needs.

Click on the items in the drop-down menu for individual courses and programs to learn more about what we are doing.