Downtown Levanto

Last night (Saturday), we were out for dinner with a bunch of other families from our older daughter’s nursery school class celebrated the impending beginning of the school year tomorrow.  Downtown Levanto was hopping with people even in late September.  Restaurants were full, bars were doing brisk business, the weather […]

Day Spa Levanto 1

I’ve been indoors most of the afternoon translating the list of treatments and procedures offered by a noted Hotel and Thermal Spa near Verona, which at times has been mind-numbing (how many ways can you find to say, “This treatment offers …”) and at times mouth-watering (after hours of translating, […]

Why You Need an Ape

If you need two 6-meter pieces of rebar to build a freestanding arch in your garden for roses to climb, what do you do? Well, if you live in Levanto, you go to Queirolo construction, the large local building materials supplier and local employer.  I’ve gotten to know them well […]