Hike Levanto

The valley of Levanto is famous for its numerous hilltop hamlets (12 of them, dating from the 1600s), all of which are still connected by the old footpaths and mule trails that once were the lifeblood of these communities.  Join us for a day on these old trails, discovering the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of these locations, learning about the history and the legends of these villages along the way.  Or choose to take the coastal trail to Monte Rossola, then descend into the gorgeous, exclusive seaside resort town of Bonassola.

There is a lot of up and downhill, but none of the hiking is difficult or technical.  This tour lasts approximately 6 hours, with about 3.5 hours of hiking.

A picnic lunch is included for all hikers, perhaps in the shade of an abandoned church or waterwheel, or in the secluded piazza of one of the towns.  Peace and quiet and spectacular views are guaranteed.