Italian Language

Intensive Course (3 credits)

This course is designed to jump start our students’ language skills, whether they are starting from nothing or they already speak Italian.  Meeting daily for 3 or 4 periods (depending on the weekly schedule), this course is taught exclusively by certified Italian language instructors who use the communicative method and often incorporate real-world materials.  Coursework includes grammar exercises, reading assignments, conversational modeling. The teacher will also prepare specific exercises based on the needs of each specific group.

Consolidation Course (3 credits)

This course slows down the pace of the Intensive course, meeting 5-6 periods a week for 2 months.  While there is still a degree of grammar exercises, the focus of the course turns to conversational skills and real-world practice during short language excursions.

Click here to see the full syllabus of these two courses: Italian Language Syllabus