Food Science

Italy is the undisputed international king of cuisine, and this study abroad experience is designed to bring students into contact with the methods, techniques, science, and products of Italian excellence in the food industry. Based in three locations – the breathtaking coastal range of the Cinque Terre, the Food Valley of Parma, and the heart of Tuscany – this program takes a hands-on approach to teaching students about methodology and best practice for all kinds of food producers, from impossibly tiny to unfathomably large, from high-tech to old-fashioned. Site visits and hands-on learning are interspaced with seminars led by Italian faculty members from major research universities.

Topics covered include:

extra virgin olive oil processing techniques and related nutritional aspects
traditional winemaking methods
the intersection of food production and tourism
food safety regulations in Europe and their applications
organic Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese making
Black Pig farming and prosciutto making
ultra-modern fruit processing and juice making
free range Chianina beef ranching
large-scale modern Chianti Classico wine production
food science lab visits at research universities
pasta production on large and small scales