Crooked Tree Italy 2017

Art and Cuisine in Northern Italy:

From the ancients to the avant-garde

September 8-17, 2017

price per person: $3,100

The old meets the new on this Crooked Tree tour, where the extraordinary traditions of Italy are juxtaposed with new tendencies in art and cuisine. Starting out in Venice during the Biennale (the world’s most important contemporary art show, held every two years), we will spend 8 nights and 9 days exploring art and food in Northern Italy.

Discover the wonders of contemporary art amidst the old-world fascination of Venice, watch where traditional glass making meets modern design in Murano, see Roman ruins and taste the best of down-home cuisine in Verona, visit the world’s most important early Renaissance frescoes in Padua, sample bubbly prosecco at a vineyard in the valley it comes from, gaze upon the miraculous Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna, and participate in a cooking lesson in Bologna cuisine.

All this and more on this exclusive tour for Crooked Tree members and friends, an unforgettable experience to be shared with people who believe as strongly in the arts as you do.

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