The Sea

Sunset Boat Tours in Levanto

This year, we are teaming up with Marco Scaramuccia of Pequod Boat Tours in Levanto to offer daily sunset boat tours of the stupendous Levanto coastline.  This summer season, the Pequod will sail every evening for a once-in-a-lifetime boat tour.  The coastline around Levanto is unmatchable and pristine, the waters crystal clear, […]

Winds of Liguria

Liguria is, more than anything else, a long thin coastal stretch with mountains at its shoulders, and its entire complex of history, culture, and society is tied up to the sea and these geographical factors.  And so the winds of Liguria are of great importance. There’s an easterly wind howling […]

Get in the Mediterranean

You don’t move to the coast if you don’t like the water, and you don’t move to the Mediterranean coast if you don’t like to swim.  The water is clean, blue, warm, surrounded by mountains, and its shores are populated by beautiful people.  What else do you want? When I moved […]

One Last Swim

It is a foul and nasty night out there, just as it’s been a foul and nasty day, but that only serves to remind me that only a week ago, that’s right, on October 23, I took my last swim in the Mediterranean for the year 2012. My first dip […]