Sunset Boat Tours in Levanto

This year, we are teaming up with Marco Scaramuccia of Pequod Boat Tours in Levanto to offer daily sunset boat tours of the stupendous Levanto coastline.  This summer season, the Pequod will sail every evening for a once-in-a-lifetime boat tour.  The coastline around Levanto is unmatchable and pristine, the waters crystal clear, […]

Downtown Levanto

Last night (Saturday), we were out for dinner with a bunch of other families from our older daughter’s nursery school class celebrated the impending beginning of the school year tomorrow.  Downtown Levanto was hopping with people even in late September.  Restaurants were full, bars were doing brisk business, the weather […]

SenSuoSa Levanto

Despite its zen-sounding name, SenSuoSa is a more down-to-earth event happening tomorrow June 21st in Levanto, though not one without its spiritual side as well. Taking advantage of the summer solstice, all interested parties will be meeting in the central Piazza Cavour of Levanto at 6pm to take a leisurely […]