Day Spa Levanto 1

I’ve been indoors most of the afternoon translating the list of treatments and procedures offered by a noted Hotel and Thermal Spa near Verona, which at times has been mind-numbing (how many ways can you find to say, “This treatment offers …”) and at times mouth-watering (after hours of translating, […]

Winds of Liguria

Liguria is, more than anything else, a long thin coastal stretch with mountains at its shoulders, and its entire complex of history, culture, and society is tied up to the sea and these geographical factors.  And so the winds of Liguria are of great importance. There’s an easterly wind howling […]

Edoardo Sanguineti, Poet of Genoa

Having only moved to Liguria a couple of years ago, I have also only recently become aware of the great Ligurian artists, so many of whom come from Genoa, the most underrated city in all of Italy.  These include the violinist Niccolò Paganini, the Nobel Prize winning poet Eugenio Montale […]

April 25, Liberation Day

April 25th has always been a special holiday for Americans in Italy, considering the role played by the American army (though by no means diminishing that of the British army and the Italian partisans) in helping liberate Italy from the Fascists and their Nazi puppet-masters between 1943 and the end […]