Cinque Terre

When a tour guide becomes a tourist

Going on vacation and using the services of tour guides, when you do the same job yourself, puts you in a very odd position. Pretty much like a chef turning into a client in a restaurant or a doctor becoming a patient. There is a high risk of being picky […]

The Trains in the Cinque Terre

If you live in Liguria it will be very likely that your life will revolve around trains one way or another. Often, people around the Cinque Terre have a very conflictual relationship towards Trenitalia, a bit like those things you hate but you can’t live without. Two years ago they […]

Weather Alert Cinque Terre Style

I’ll be honest. Before moving to Liguria I had never spent more than a few seconds thinking about problems related to the weather. A rain storm meant just more water coming out of the sky and a snow day was, after the first 10 minutes, just a pain in the […]

Portofino Hiking

It’s a bit off the beaten path from our usual tours, but in preparation for a group, I was recently on the trail from Portofino to Camogli, stopping midway at the magical Abbey of San Fruttuoso, a place you can only get to by foot or by boat.  It was […]

Going on a berry hunt

At first it seems a great idea. One of the best you had in weeks. A simple way to keep everybody happy: your husband, yourself and the three kids. Going on a hike, on a wonderful autumn sunny day, looking for Myrtle berries that you would later transform into a digestif. […]

The Cinque Terre trails can be unforgiving

The Ligurian countryside, especially in the area near the Cinque Terre, is not just farming land. It is known and defined by the authorities as a land of “heroic agriculture”, and you should keep that first word well in mind when you want to attempt to conquer it. We know by […]

Touring Cinque Terre with the Nobility

We’ve had our share of clients with impressive resumes — former CEOs of Big Three automakers, members of the Federal Reserve Board — but recently we found ourselves with an unexpected type of VIP: real, honest-to-goodness Italian nobility.  We certainly didn’t know this ahead of time, though if we had […]