FAI – Recuperating lost lands in Cinque Terre

We’re doing some reconnaissance work this January, checking on the conditions of the lesser-used trails in the Cinque Terre, and yesterday we were on the glorious Levanto-Monterosso trail, a real gem of the Cinque Terre National Park (and free to boot!).  [This post is not about the trail, but FYI, […]

How to ride a train in the Cinque Terre

Some essential advice about what to do if you are taking a train in the Cinque Terre: Use the entire platform.  If everyone spread out the entire length of the platform, the clog of people getting on and off at peak hours would be lessened.  This means standing well into […]

Cinque Terre Trains 2016

Everyone knows that traveling by train in the Cinque Terre can be a nightmare.  Way too many people, tiny stations with short platforms, irregular train schedules.  Last season (2015) — in our own opinion as guides — the train service was a bit improved from previous years, but it was still […]

The Via dell’Amore Is Closed … Still

The Via dell’Amore — the most famous part of the Cinque Terre — was closed in September 2012 because of a rock slide.  Since then, we have watched countless tourists arrive in one of the two towns the walkway used to connect (Riomaggiore and Manarola), stop speechless in front of the […]

Rural Entertainment in Levanto

I know that this looks totally staged, but my daughters really did pull out two chairs to watch our neighbor use his rototiller on his garden.  Perhaps the fact that we don’t own a television has something to do with their fascination in things like this.  Let’s just say, though, that […]

Volastra, the sixth Cinque Terre

The area covered by the Cinque Terre National Park includes a number of even smaller towns up above the coastline that give a totally different sense of coastal Mediterranean life.  Places like Campiglia, San Bernardino, and Volastra.  Far from the madding crowds, these tiny hamlets offer spectacular views of the […]

Spring Events in Levanto 2014

With the arrival of the first nice weather and the first important holidays (Easter on April 20th, Liberation Day, the 25th of April; May Day on May 1st) the people have started to pour into Levanto.  The first wave of tourists is always a great pleasure here, a promise of […]