Spring Events in Levanto 2014

With the arrival of the first nice weather and the first important holidays (Easter on April 20th, Liberation Day, the 25th of April; May Day on May 1st) the people have started to pour into Levanto.  The first wave of tourists is always a great pleasure here, a promise of […]

Time for tilling in Levanto

I take a lot of inspiration from my neighbor Antonio, not only because he gardens what for me would be an impossibly large plot with graceful, effortless ease, but because I have also seen the results of his efforts.  No matter what my tomatoes or yellow peppers look like, they […]

Downtown Levanto

Last night (Saturday), we were out for dinner with a bunch of other families from our older daughter’s nursery school class celebrated the impending beginning of the school year tomorrow.  Downtown Levanto was hopping with people even in late September.  Restaurants were full, bars were doing brisk business, the weather […]

Late Summer Levanto

Perhaps it was for the onslaught of house guests, perhaps for the onslaught of tourists, perhaps for nothing more than the hot sun calling me to the beach, but it has been ages since I wrote anything on this blog.  And now it is late summer in Levanto (in truth, […]

SenSuoSa Levanto

Despite its zen-sounding name, SenSuoSa is a more down-to-earth event happening tomorrow June 21st in Levanto, though not one without its spiritual side as well. Taking advantage of the summer solstice, all interested parties will be meeting in the central Piazza Cavour of Levanto at 6pm to take a leisurely […]