Art Tours

The artistic heritage of Italy is incomparable, and Voyager offers different tours that highlight the artistic wonders of Northern Italy.  These tours are tailor-made for Art Centers and Museums that are looking to organize an international travel experience for their members, sponsors, and donors.  While each tour is tailored specifically to the needs of each organization, the following is a partial list of things that could be included on such a tour:

The Cinque Terre: natural beauty and traditional cultures, plus winemaking

Milan: the Cathedral, the Brera Museum, Leonardo’s Last Supper

Genoa: the largest old town center in Europe, the spectacular museums of Strada Nuova

Parma: the frescoes of Correggio and Parmigianino, the Opera house, the Medieval wooden Farnese Theater

Padua: the incomparable fresco cycle by Giotto at the Scrovegni Chapel

Venice: the Peggy Guggenheim collection, the Biennale, the masterpieces tucked inside church chapels

All the while, you will be eating in restaurants that specialize in Regional Foods so as to learn about the vast diversity of Italian cuisine.

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