Monte Rossola Levanto

the portofino promontory from monte rossola ... on a hazy day

the portofino promontory in the distance from monte rossola … on a hazy day

It took us four years, but we finally made it up to the summit of Monte Rossola this past weekend.  Ever since our trusted boat captain Marco told us about the views from up top in 2011, we have wanted to go, but between the kids and the job and the fact that we could never find the trailhead, we never made it.  So when our friend (not to mention one of the professional drivers we use) suggested we make a two-family outing of it, we jumped at the occasion.

We began our hike from behind another friend’s house, but since you don’t know where he lives, the best starting point is in the small hilltop town of Lavaggiorosso, from which there is a trail that in about 1 hour will get you to the top.  And the top is the whole point, for from the summit of Monte Rossola you can see the following in the distance:

  • the promontory of Portofino and the city of Rapallo
  • the Cento Croci pass that leads to the province of Parma
  • the Apuan Alps, in particular the gutted marble mountains above Carrara
  • the southernmost coastal point of the Cinque Terre
  • the houses of Manarola, the most picturesque of the Cinque Terre villages

And of course, much closer at hand, the bays of Levanto and of Bonassola, which can also be a second destination for those who wish to descend the other side of the mountain.

On a clear day, it is one of the most awe-inspiring locations all along the Italian coast, beating out even the best of the Cinque Terre.

Anyone interested in doing this hike together with us, learning about Levanto and Bonassola and all the rest along the way, please check out the following link: Hiking Levanto

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