Laura Film Festival Levanto

I remember when I was in Moscow for a few days in 1993 I stumbled across the Moscow International Film Festival.  While in those days Moscow was not exactly the hip international destination (I recall very few limos and stars), the Soviet film industry had been exceedingly important to world cinema and so I went to see a bunch of movies that I didn’t understand very well, some of which were wonderful.  One of these was Italian, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name.

The Laura Film Festival in Levanto is a chance for you to get your own fill of recent Italian cinema, shorts included, in a decidedly less grandiose setting than Moscow, but it’s also true that Moscow doesn’t have our sparkling blue waters and crisp white wines.  The festival is in its tenth year, and films are projected in a few different spaces in Levanto.   Click here for times and locations.

We’ll also have a bunch of Italian movie stars and directors running about town, and though they are less recognizable than your Hollywood variety, they still carry that aura of the silver screen around with them.

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