SenSuoSa Levanto

Despite its zen-sounding name, SenSuoSa is a more down-to-earth event happening tomorrow June 21st in Levanto, though not one without its spiritual side as well.

Taking advantage of the summer solstice, all interested parties will be meeting in the central Piazza Cavour of Levanto at 6pm to take a leisurely (though not always easy) hike up to one of the most beautiful of all its surrounding villages, Lavaggiorosso.  Along the way there will be visits of two smaller villages and one of the major churches of Levanto.  Upon arrival, a choral group of singers from Levanto will perform a concert, after which by the twilight of the longest day of the year, there will be a buffet featuring local specialities, including trofie, calamari, and special Ligurian desserts.

Maybe the best part is that after everything is finished, there’s a bus that will take you back down the valley to the center of town where you got started.

The SenSuoSa is a new project trying to highlight the great sights and sounds and tastes that Levanto has to offer, and since I love to promote anything that promotes Levanto as an entity unto itself, and not just a launching pad for the Cinque Terre, I urge you to go.

The hike will be wonderful (and the pace will be slow, or so the flyer states).  The views will be spectacular.  The music will be lovely.  The food will be welcome (it’s unnecessary to say it will be great … we are in Italy after all).

Hope you enjoy it!

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