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I’ve been indoors most of the afternoon translating the list of treatments and procedures offered by a noted Hotel and Thermal Spa near Verona, which at times has been mind-numbing (how many ways can you find to say, “This treatment offers …”) and at times mouth-watering (after hours of translating, an Ayurvedic massage would be the cat’s ass), but which has at least given me a good idea for this post: Day Spa Levanto.

Even when you are on vacation at the beach, everyone can use a bit of time at the spa, for massages, treatments, relaxation, therapy, and the like.  So if you’re in Levanto, what do you do?

Here are three good options:

1.  the Vallesanta Beautyspa.  As far as I can tell, this is about the only good thing that came from re-doing the Levanto waterfront at an exorbitant price, which brought a nice new walkway and a lot of unused office space to the relatively unbeaten path at the northern edge of the bay.  Housed in the waterfront structure, this true day spa has all of the treatments you might want, plus the very nice detail of a private spa that you can reserve for couples or small groups for a couple of hours at a time.  A real getaway.

2. the Costa di Faraggiana Agriturismo.  A brand new accommodation in the hills above Levanto with gorgeous rooms and gorgeous views, the price of your room also includes use of pool, outdoor whirlpool, sauna, steam bath, and aroma shower.  By reservation, and at an extra price, you can book treatments and massages with an expert.

3. the Park Hotel Argento.  A sprawling 4-star hotel in not far from the above-mentioned agriturismo, this place has a very large pool and all of the beauty and wellness accoutrements you could want.  Use and conditions are also like option number 2.

So when the hassle and stress of the beach get to be too much, check one of these options out.  And if you happen to be near Verona, check out the Day Spa at the Hotel Caesius (and admire my translations, but only when their new site goes up – at the moment it is somebody else’s work).



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