Surfing in Levanto

Surfing in Levanto

Unknown rider surfing in Levanto this morning

I’ve said it before.  The lousy weather in Levanto and the Cinque Terre always makes people unhappy, with the major exception of one specialized crowd: the surfers.  That’s because surfing in Levanto is one of the best sports around when the winds and waves are high.

This week has been a boon for all surfers in the area, be they tourists who happen to be here or anyone who lives in a 150 mile radius.  We’re on our fourth straight day of surfable waves, and while at least one of those days had pretty sloppy surf that didn’t give great riding opportunities, the other days have been marked by a constant and large presence of men and women in wetsuits marauding the bay of Levanto in search of some foamy fun.

I, unfortunately, do not surf.  Neither does my wife.  This means that we get much less satisfaction from these gray days.  I imagine that both of my daughters will probably learn to surf some day when they are older, with the younger one being a more likely candidate of the two for really enjoying the sport.  But I do get a small bit of pleasure by going dow to the beach, watching the waves roll in, seeing (occasionally) some decent surfing, and watching the happy faces of people in the parking lot getting suited up or exchanging tales about the waves they have recently emerged from.

I don’t know how the weather’s going to be for the next days, so I recommend you check Levanto’s local surf shop website for water conditions and rentals if you are interested.

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