Levanto Family Beach Life

Levanto Piazza Cavour – no cars allowed

Levanto is a wonderful town for families … if it weren’t, my wife and I wouldn’t have uprooted our family from Parma to move here permanently.

But more importantly, Levanto is a wonderful destination for families.  It has a lot to offer.  Clean water with beaches that slope gently into the sea.   Public parks.  Paddle boats.  Ice cream parlors galore.  Many streets that have limited or no car traffic.  An easily walkable downtown.  Flat bike trails along the coast to Bonassola with places to rent bikes.  Small boat rentals.  Restaurants that accommodate all hours.

And it’s a family-friendly kind of place.  This is not like going to Ibiza or Mykonos … this is the laid-back Meditteranean with easy habits and easy-going people.   You can relax on the beach while your kids play in the sand next to you without worrying about a thing in the world.  What else do you want?

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