Get in the Mediterranean

You don’t move to the coast if you don’t like the water, and you don’t move to the Mediterranean coast if you don’t like to swim.  The water is clean, blue, warm, surrounded by mountains, and its shores are populated by beautiful people.  What else do you want?

When I moved here, I swore that I would make the most of the climate and spend as many days as possible in the water every year.  Then I had the following brilliant idea: why not lengthen my swimming season by a few days each year?  That way, given enough dedication, I could turn a six-month swimming season into a 9 or 10 month one.  Genius!

Season one ended on October 15.  (It only started in early September, but that’s because I had just moved here.)

Season two started on April 27, and involved exhorting high-school students to jump off a boat along with myself and our captain.  It ended on October 18th, or something like that.

It’s now April 23.  I’ve got to get moving.

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