Mangialonga Levanto 2013

One of the great annual events in Levanto (actually, twice a year) is the Mangialonga, which translates into “The Long Eat.”  Decisively different from the Long March, this is a celebration of local foods and local Medieval hilltop villages.

Starting out from downtown Levanto, this day-long event takes you on foot through the hills and trails and towns and sanctuaries of the valley of Levanto.  At each stop, you get local specialities and wines to fortify you for the rest of the day.  The entire route can be up to 15 kilometers (that’s almost 10 miles for the metrically-challenged) of humping it up and down the hills, but its worth it.  As many as one thousand participants can register for it, and if you get a nice day, it’s a finely festive occasion, with music and dancing in the villages too.

This year’s first Mangialonga takes place on Sunday, May 19.  It does require registration, so click on the link above (if you speak Italian), or email me if you don’t (not surprisingly, the English link on the website does not work) and I’ll walk you through it.  The route this year even passes directly by my house, so if you’re really huffing and puffing by then, I’ll find a lounge chair for you.

Happy hiking and happy eating!

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