One Last Swim

It is a foul and nasty night out there, just as it’s been a foul and nasty day, but that only serves to remind me that only a week ago, that’s right, on October 23, I took my last swim in the Mediterranean for the year 2012.

My first dip this year was on April 30, when I leapt into the rather nippy bay of Levanto alongside 12 reluctant high-schoolers who were enjoying our sponsored field trip and some gorgeous weather, but who were a bit wary about jumping from a wooden boat into uncharted waters.  With the help of a 39-year old tour guide and a 52-year old boat captain leading the way, they baptized themselves in the ritual “First Dip” of the year, a crucial rite for Italians.

So from April 30 to October 23 means that I got almost a full 6 months of beach and water this my inaugural year living on the Mediterranean coast.  That’s not bad.  Every year I’d like to make it a bit longer, though.  It’s a privilege that should not be taken lightly.

Next swim: January 1st, when my wife and I have sworn to join in with the almost 200 other citizen of Levanto who welcome the new year with an invigorating dive into the waters.  It’s not exactly like Polar Bears, but we’ll feel pretty proud about it anyway … if we do it.

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