Drop that iPhone!

Here in Italy during the Olympics, between one Italian exploit and the next (the Italians have been particularly strong in events involving arms, including shotguns, rifles, sabers, foils, fists, and kicks – all quite strange for such a non-aggressive nation) Apple and Samsung have been running an intense race themselves, desperately trying to convince the world which of their smart phones can do the most and make your life the most beautiful.  And the list of things that they seductively tell us can be done on their devices is exceedingly long.

But I haven’t seen anyone talking about the list of things that you can’t do with your iPhone, tablet, or similar devices.  Here goes:

1.  You can’t make love to your wife, husband, or anyone else.

2.  You can’t cook.

3. You can’t listen to your children.

4. You can’t go swimming the the sea, ocean, lake, or pool.

5. You can’t play sports or musical instruments.

I don’t feel like spending too much time on this or belaboring the point, but as convenient as smart phones may be for some things, the omnipresent sight of people with their noses buried in their devices while surrounded by other people similarly engaged is beginning to worry me.

If you’ve got any good things I should add to my list, let me know.

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