The 5-Day Tour, now including Genoa

Our most complete tour of this spectacular area, the Cinque Terre by Land and Sea, has just been revamped to allow people the opportunity to explore the Ligurian capital city of Genoa.  For those of you who don’t know much about it, Genoa was ruler of the Mediterranean world in the 1500s, and its merchants were innovators of commerce, banking, and capitalism. All that money means remarkable townhouses and palaces, which we will visit, as well as checking out the caruggi near the port districtIt’s a magical city that has undergone a recent restoration, in part under the guiding hand of world-famous local architect Renzo Piano.  And as part of our trip, we’ll dive into Genoa’s culinary traditions too, learning how to make real basil pesto with a renowned local chef, then eating lunch in his downtown restaurant.

It’s all just part of five days of touring, trekking, sunbathing, snorkeling, and diving into the real world of the Cinque Terre, a world that fully merits a longer stay than the usual 5 hours that most tours dedicate to it.  Check out the full package here.

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